Tuesday, June 26, 2012

“Ho Hey” – The Lumineers

The latest song I can’t get enough of is this catchy and moving tune from The Lumineers. The song caught my attention as the background music in a commercial; that small clip of melody was enough to persuade me to purchase the band’s entire album on iTunes.

The emotional, rustic voice of the lead singer is punctuated with strong rhythmic beats, italicized sweet strumming and contagious hand-clapping [or what sounds like it]. In combination, this makes for a hypnotizing medley of sounds that is a treat to hear time and again.
It seems like sweet serendipity that The Lumineers are playing next weekend at the Basilica Block Party, a 2-day outdoor concert downtown Minneapolis, so soon after my happy discovery. Can’t wait to hear this trio live!

Other picks from the album:
·         Big Parade
·         Stubborn Love

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