Thursday, July 19, 2012

Anthropologie Astoria Bead Bracelet

Fastening this beaded bracelet around your wrist is like going to the county fair and strolling through the carnies’ stands while nibbling a fluffy sugar-tower of cotton candy – something you loved doing as a youngster and surprisingly still enjoy even though elementary school is a distant memory. Similarly, this colorful cuff reminds me of the handmade, craft-store-chic jewelry I wore as a child, but is elevated for an evolved, mature taste. 

Delicate acrylic beads form an Aztec, ikat-inspired accessory that looks stylish worn alone or layered with other textural adornments. The bright shades work harmoniously to create the illusion you’ve captured summer, displaying the season's essence in reverent bondage. A golden-bronze button closure ensures you can frolic freely from Ferris wheel to rollercoaster without losing this trendy tribal trinket.   

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