Friday, July 27, 2012

Topshop Mottled Viscose Scarf

Word on the street is Topshop is one of the retailers filling the space left by Bloomingdale’s at the Mall of America. I’m hoping the rumors are true as the 6-hour commute to Chicago is a tad time-consuming to make whenever a craving for the UK-based brand strikes.

For now I’m restricted to online window shopping, but still managing to find pieces to purchase. This lightweight summer scarf is one of them. Gauzy viscose fabric forms the casual neckline accessory, the perfect cherry atop a breezy maxi dress. The mottled pigment pattern lets you dip a toe in the tie-dye trend and the pink lemonade color is a refreshing shock of summer neon.

Highlight the hippie-chic piece by pairing with a neutral ensemble, or layer on faded brights to fully submerge yourself in the color craze.

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