Monday, July 30, 2012

Pottery Barn Sun Jar

If there’s one time-honored tradition I want to engage during the last full month of the year’s fleeting summer, it’s a picnic.

There’s something about the languidness of packing up a basket and indulgently enjoying its contents while basking in the afternoon heat that epitomizes the season. Next time you’re assembling an assortment of meat, cheese and fruit, add a few Pottery Barn Sun Jars to your pack and extend the event into twilight. 

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These romantic glass jars capture and store energy from the sun so when the rays begin to fade, your blanket will still be illuminated by the mini LED lamps’ soft glow.

Pull on a sundress, pick up a date, and embrace this wonderfully lazy, flirtatious, quintessential way to conclude summer before the frenetic buzz of back-to-school and the holidays sets you awhirl once again.

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