Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Williams-Sonoma Chocolate Chocolate Croissants

Between weddings and lake weekends, you'll inevitably be a house guest at some point this month. If you’re bored of arriving on doorsteps bearing the standard bottle of Pinot or unoriginal floral bouquet, instead offer your hostess a bundle of tempting pastries. The delectable treat signals a special occasion [unless you indulge in lavish spreads of French baked goods regularly] and graciously lessens the effort the entertainer must exert on your behalf.

Master pastry chef Jean-Yves Charon makes an exclusive double-chocolate croissant for Williams-Sonoma that is sure to sweeten even the sourest tooth – and guarantee your invitation to return, soon.

photo courtesy of williams-sonoma.com

Cocoa powder is added to the Belgian chocolate-infused dough to create a twofold chocolate assault commonly found in boutique patisseries. After rising overnight, the buttery confections emerge from the oven [with warm, melted centers wrapped in flaky, browned shells] before your coffee cools.

Snappy one-step prep ensures no one will be quarantined in the kitchen all morning, and the group can spend the day as intended: together.  

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