Monday, August 6, 2012

Ralph Lauren Chino Baseball Cap

It’s hard to ignore the highly competitive back-to-school marketing campaigns saturating the media. Though I don’t need pencils, notebooks, protractors or rulers, the commercials and print ads have me in a positively preppy mood.

To get the quintessential collegiate look, I turned to the leader in style Americana, currently outfitting the U.S. Olympic team: Ralph Lauren. 

I enjoy shopping and there will always be seasonal pieces to purchase, but why buy the staples every year? I make a point to invest in items from classic brands that have the longevity to endure multiple seasons and years, and this cute cap is one of them.

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The simple hat is made of durable, washed cotton twill and comes in customizable colors. Monogram the headpiece in your choice font or stamp it with the iconic polo horse for a look that is sporty, but not sloppy. Partner with glittery jewelry or a sophisticated sweater [a la j.crew] to create top-of-the-class contrast and soften the formality of crisp outfits -- extra credit guaranteed. 

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