Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bee Matches

Crisis averted. Enigma solved. Toss out your automatic candle lighter and don’t bother kissing it goodbye. This darling matchbox, charmingly old-fashioned, both looks and works better than its modernized alternative.

The sunny, stylish box is sold at Design Darling, an online boutique specializing in preppy & colorful accessories and décor. The petite sanctuary, housing 45 honey-tipped matches, features a metallic-gold bumble bee and side striking ribbon that will set you abuzz.

Attractive packaging allows the box to meld into the surrounding décor and be displayed more proudly than the conspicuous and obtrusive auto-illuminating wands. Further: frustrating, spark-less situations caused by a dried-out lighter are eliminated, as striking a match against a grain guarantees a full and vibrant flame.

This bee-utiful matchbox will be brightening up my living room in a flash.

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