Sunday, August 19, 2012

Clarins Truly Matte Pure and Radiant Mask

There’s no competition for the comfortable reliability of a Sunday night ritual to wind down the weekend before starting the engine again Monday morning.

I’ve been looking for an exfoliating face mask for awhile, but after finding a surprisingly sparse selection at the drugstore, lazily gave up the search.  A little dedicated hunting online, however, turned up this Clarins treatment that has definitively established itself in my evening relaxation regimen.

The cream-based formula not only cleans and tightens pores, but smoothes sensitive tissue. To get technical, Pink Clay components gently absorb contaminating impurities while Palm and Coconut oils offer gentle renewal and baby-soft comfort.

The combination is the powerful but pleasant one-two punch your skin needs to maintain its supple youth and radiance. Applying the mask for 5 minutes during TV time once a week is a negligible exertion compared to the immediate and long-term rewards you’ll reap.

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