Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dancing on My Own + Girls

After the 1997 breakout hit “Show Me Love,” a few tracks from Swedish pop singer Robyn found their way back onto my iPod circa 2009. “Be Mine!” and “Handle Me” have a techno dance energy I’ll always associate with my NYC summer.

I didn’t download anything more by the bubblegum-voiced artist until a few weeks ago. Along with the rest of the world, I fell in love with “Dancing on My Own” when Hannah and Marnie grooved around to it on HBO’s Girls.

Before a backdrop of twinkling electronica, Robyn sings of not being seen, but refusing to let the loneliness stop her beat. I like the number, but I think it's the poignant placement in the small screen storyline and ability to define – all at once – the struggles, triumphs, fears and hopes that face us, and the very heart of the show, that makes such an impact.

Next time you have a free Friday, hunker down and catch up on the critically acclaimed, laugh-out-loud Girls. Like Hannah muses, sometimes you lose some – and you lose some. But I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.


  1. 1. that 2010 Robyn album is just about the best thing ever. it reminds me of belting out "Cry When You Get Older" with your sister in the car. precious times. i love the gender bending lyrics in Dancing On My Own--Robyn keeps it fresh. have you seen the SNL spoof on "Call Your Girlfriend" you must watch:

    2. Girls is just fantastic. i was so so hooked after the third episode. so interesting how the characters develop, as does our view and relationship with them. by the end of the first season Zozsia Mamet's character Shoshanna was by clear favorite.

    GIRLS does some great stuff at the inro with music.


  2. Haha - thanks for the SNL link!

    Shoshanna needs to come into play more for me. I missed a few episodes, so I'll have to get up to speed with the DVD. I love the soundtrack!

    As always, thanks for your comments!