Friday, August 10, 2012

“Tomorrow is Gonna Be Better” – Joshua Radin

Joshua Radin’s album The Rock and the Tide is one of my favorites, so I was keyed up when he released a new collection of songs July 31.

Less than 2 weeks later, “Tomorrow is Gonna Be Better” is already an Underwater stand-out.

The contrast of the guitar’s deeper notes against Radin’s soft, romantic voice immediately sweeps you up and holds you tight for the whole song, evoking an emotional need to know what words he’ll say next. The soothing acoustic strumming and heart-melting vocals create a relaxing melody that is still – magically – quietly buoyant.

Natural, uncontrived rhymes sprinkled throughout are a delicate kiss on seeking ears. The poignant message of enduring hardship because the future holds promise is one anyone can connect to, and Radin’s delivery makes it seem he’s singing directly to you [and only you].

Play this gentle song while drifting to sleep or add to your make-out playlist – an applicable soundtrack for both scenarios.

Other Joshua Radin favorites: We Are Only Getting Better, Only You, The Rock and the Tide, I Missed You (Acoustic), Paperweight

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