Friday, August 17, 2012

Target Belts: A Bright Bargain

Yesterday I had an accessory epiphany: Target belts.

It shouldn’t have been surprising to find trend-right, affordable accessories inside the store that pioneered designer collaborations. But because the Bullseye is home to discount brands, certain stigmas still exist – which is why I haven’t spent significant time trolling its jewelry, hat and handbag assortments.  It never dawned on me to consider Target a belt destination.

But the clouds parted when, shopping with a friend, we strayed from the shoe aisle. A dazzling array of croc-skin, braided, neon, glitter and patterned waist-cinchers hung innocently before me. Eyes wide, I could almost hear mocking whispers: What did you expect?

These slim ribbons of color, texture and pattern are the easiest and sassiest way to tighten up your look. The neutrals add dimension to flat combinations; the brights electrify a dull outfit. And at 1/2 or 1/4 the price of LOFT and J.Crew comparable offerings, you can pick these from the racks like flowers.

Choose a bunch at!

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