Thursday, September 20, 2012

Anthropologie Mirrors

I’m seeking opinions to assist a friend in a decorative decision that pins mirror against mirror.

To set the stage: the furniture is modern, built in shades of black, espresso and chocolate. Soft microsuede, leather, wood and glass constitute the couches and tables. Accents add dimension to this foundation in the form of colorful book stacks, chartreuse candles, rattan coasters and woven baskets.

The result is a savory contrast of contemporary and rustically natural.

To expand the room, a mirror must be hung above the leather loveseat. Opportunely, the pieces contending for the spot are as much art as looking glass, offering twofold functionality that justifies the retail. The question is not whether to buy, but which.

Contender 1.

photo courtesy

The Pros: I first saw the Tree Trunk style, and was instantly enamored with the mango wood’s obvious wilderness connotation that is tamed by a polished finish. The circular stumps are a discreet and satisfying link to her round coffee table. The mirror is just the right shade of chestnut to stand out from the darker furniture and the curvy cut of the setting resonates with K's creative side. 

The Cons: Once hung, would the right-angle-inclined part of her personality find the frame’s wandering lines distracting?

Releasing my engrossed grip from around the Tree Trunk, I scanned the remaining products on the web page – at which point the present dilemma was born.

Contender 2.

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The Pros: The Pieced Geom mirror is straight where the Trunk swerves, but the subtly jagged edges make it exponentially more eye-catching than would standard, smooth borders. There is a categorical artistry about the imperfect amalgamation of multi-sized glass bits that have my eyes hooked in steely admiration. This iron option is larger than its opponent, more fully fitting the wall space, and would capitalize on the existing modern surroundings. The hardware’s bronze tone melds seamlessly with the room’s overall color story.

The Cons: Is the dark iron too dull, sinking into the environment and failing to evoke energy?

What do you wager? Post your pick in the comments field. Muchas gracias, my discerning decorators!

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