Sunday, September 9, 2012

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream

Clinique has been my trusted skincare consultant since zapping my 7th grade zits. When a market researcher friend told me that BB Cream [BB: Blemish Balm] is the newest beauty product sweeping retailers, I knew the dermatologist-developed brand would deliver.

Pushed as the “Asian cult favorite” for perfect skin, the cream produces a photo-ready finish in seconds by combining the effects of foundation, concealer, powder and primer – including essential SPF and anti-aging elements.

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Don’t expect the multitasking cream to be the best in any one of these categories, but to cure discoloration, dullness and dryness in one step, Age Defense BB Cream is the antidote. I don’t apply daily, but on overslept work mornings and fuss-free weekends, the tube's residence in my medicine cabinet makes me praise heaven.

Further demonstrating otherworldly ability, the miracle cosmetic is built for all skin types.

Bound by a drugstore budget? Try Garnier’s rendition, advertised as instant perfection.

Garnier ad in October 2012 Cosmopolitan

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