Saturday, September 8, 2012

Elum Poppies & Posies Writer’s Block

Along with day planners, stationery and books, note pads are archaic accessories I’m clinging to despite this increasingly digital age.

Some enjoy storing schedules on a smart phone and devouring bestsellers on a Kindle, but I prefer monitoring my month-at-a-glance via an old-fashioned calendar hanging next to the fridge and relish the crack of a book’s binding as I read.

Maybe the Poppies & Posies Writer's Block is another sign I’m fading farther from today’s cutting edge, but some habits don’t die. The block is perfect for capturing directions, dates or times while you phone chat, or wish lists as you web surf.

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While it has practical functionality and is made with environmental sensitivity, I propose purchasing the compact cube of 700 sticky notes simply for the smart, literary motif it inherently lends to your working, cooking or lounging space. Elum is renown for designer paper products that transform stationery into art, and this artistic tool beautifully lives up to the brand’s high-style reputation.

I love my iPhone, but when it comes to this Writer’s Block, I’ll take antiquity.

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