Monday, September 3, 2012

Shades of Light Concentric Diamond Rug

A rug is often the finishing touch that pulls a room’s many components together in a comfortable, this-is-home way. Wooden floors look barren, furniture scattered and disjointed until a runner, bear skin or area oriental is rolled out.

Even if you have a carpeted living space, a rug enlivens and unifies what’s within your walls. The sometimes woven, braided, hooked or tufted accessory affords multicolor depth just as a wall painting grants character.

The Concentric Diamond Rug from Shades of Light [offering unique high-quality lighting, rugs & furnishings] stands out against cream, beige or brown furniture, but the earthy green color still complements a neutral theme.

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Warm up your dining or living room, patio or deck as summer cools to fall with this woven indoor/outdoor rug, suitable for all seasons.

See more colors and shop other trendy & exclusive styles here. 

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