Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Madewell Zipcode Boot

Wanting to be together all the time, drifting into daydreams when apart, working to be indispensible parts of one another’s very fabric.

Love has many meanings and manifestations, and it's disputable whether a material object can source such emotion, but nevertheless, a pair of ankle boots have my heart.

Madewell’s Zipcode Boots are casual without resembling Crocs, cool but not contrived. I’ve worn them 3 consecutive days and showing no sign of stopping. 

The infatuation is like a new, young love, but unlike the natural push and pull of a human relationship, the boots fit effortlessly into my well-formed routine, established life, existing wardrobe. No need to twist, turn – or try at all.

A gently worn, pliable leather forms the boot’s body, connoting the comfortable familiarity of a boyfriend’s button-down or broken-in bear hug. A low & stacked, but existent, heel and the aesthetically-balanced marriage of black and brown make the footwear as versatile and irreplaceable as the person with whom you can both pizza-pig-out and champagne-dine-out.

At foot’s first touch, you’ll just know.

Fall in love again and again at Madewell in the renovated Southdale Center this November.

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