Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Paper Source Letterpress Desk Calendar

Summer was a transitional time for my career, during which I completely neglected my desk. Unpacked boxes, messy paper piles and free-floating pens cluttered the cube in unsightly disarray. With the arrival of a new job and a new season, I immediately assembled a creative and inspirational work space worthy of the glossy 27-inch iMac that greeted me.

We expend ongoing effort transforming houses into sanctuaries, often forgetting 8-hour days demand your professional home base receive similar treatment. Don’t stress: small pops of personality take a space from sterile to stimulating in seconds.

Build a wallpaper collage with bright magazine ads and lasso a collection of colorful Sharpies with a monogrammed mug. An assortment of fluorescent catalogs stacked under your phone adds pumped-up dimension. Framed photos, a petite plant and stuffed mascot from your alma mater aren’t necessarily task execution essentials, but I’ve found they’re as integral to my functionality as notepads or binders.

The last component added to my desk display is a miniature letterpress calendar propped in a tree stump. The natural wood holder is an authentic piece of nature I relish seeing during long days indoors. Strong cardstock ensures the playful month-at-a-glance from Paper Source won’t wilt away like the passing days, and as a supplement to your traditional accounting version, it’s an artful accessory that makes endless emailing seem a treat, 12 months a year.

photo courtesy paper-source.com

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