Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Room & Board Gallery Framing

There's a lot of pressure in choosing a single painting or photo to feature above a couch, bed or bureau given the inherent attention such placement commands. I'm notoriously indecisive in most situations and selecting wall décor is no exception.

Opting for gallery framing takes the stress out of prioritizing watercolor over abstract, landscape over cityscape, print over pencil. The casually chic, collaborative style affords room to display a range of favorites in a mix of mediums.

Room & Board provides all the tools to construct a custom wall collage: lacquered wood frames are available in a spectrum of neutral colors, sizes and widths. Stand behind a clean single-color story or combine several tones for an accented look.

photos courtesy roomandboard.com

Intentionally simple designs let the art inside speak without interruption, and vertical or horizontal hanging capability promotes further freedom of expression. Floating on a wall as clouds or leaning lazily atop a ledge in staggered layers, the collection brings dimension to any part of the home and instantly delivers the lived-in look a naked wall betrays.

The beauty of the gallery is its unstructured arrangement, but if you’re unable to rely only on your amateur eye, reference Room & Board’s tutorial and the experts will hold your hand from purchase through placement. 

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