Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Anything Could Happen" -- Ellie Goulding

The lead single from Ellie Goulding's second studio album begins with fearless yet gentle chirrups that startle you into an immersion that is both threatening and promising — a teetering that sustains throughout the electro-indie epic my sister recommended to me recently. I was initially unmoved, but after subsequent playbacks, deeply ensnared.

Lyrics that beat forward in restrained but building fervor are chased by a pulsing, almost piercing, refrain that is a transcendental surrender. Accented gaps for air and temporary dimming of background instrumentals suggest real-life stop-and-go and an alluded secret-passing that underlines sacredness.

The repetitive phrase that rounds out the experience is made more powerful and ethos-exposing by the grittiness that is heretofore conspicuously nonexistent. The line conveys unmistakable ambiguity, but with a resignation and release that is propelling.

Swept away on the wispy clouds that are Goulding's voice til the very end, you'll start subliminally trusting anything could happen.

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