Monday, November 5, 2012

DL1961 Emma Coated Legging Jeans

I realized a few months ago I was wearing jeggings, as opposed to jeans, almost exclusively. I felt compelled to purchase good old-fashioned blues purely on principle, but having worn the pair a few times unsatisfied with the feel and effect, I say with renewed vigor, stick to what works for you, convention be damned.

From boot-cut and flared to straight-leg and skinny, denim is available in an array of shapes and styles; now, there is variety for the jegging du juor, too.

The DL1961 Emma Legging Jean will cement your solidarity with snug-fitting pants or provoke you to switch sides if you’re a classic denim die-hard.

A waxed finish is a small but sexy update to uncoated bottoms (and more muted than actual leather) that will cause halting head-turning and spontaneous hip-shaking. Faux pockets and the innovative XFIT LYCRA fabric ensure not a single bump or bulge will ruffle the sleek form that contours to your one-of-a-kind curves.

Peruse over 100 colorblocked, dip-dyed, printed and patterned styles at DL1961 and read about the brand's noble mission to create the "perfect fitting jean" here.

photo courtesy shopbop
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  1. Loved this coated legging jeans of DL 1961 jeans. The waxed finish can be a better alternative to leggings and leathers.