Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Restoration Hardware Starlit Tree

I customarily pounce on Christmas decorating the day after Thanksgiving, but at this point, there's still a pumpkin in my apartment and not an ornament or Santa in sight.

My procrastination isn't for a lack of enthusiasm; rather, direction. I'm in no rush to fill my rooms with tacky tinsel and nativities. Even if the decorations I have weren't Charlie Brown and run-down, I'm reluctant to congest my clutter-free home.

Restoration Hardware is the destination for sophisticated and simple holiday decor. Its collection of garlands, stockings and rustic wreaths add upscale festivity to a space without sacrificing its clean foundation.

The 3' Starlit Tree is the must-buy for a bright Christmas. Its small size allows it to fit in apartments' corners and crevices, but liberal tendrils of twinkling warm-white bulbs illuminate far and wide. Lest you think showcasing full-fledged merriment means forgoing style standards, branches bare but for lights are minimalist, in line with modern trend. The tree, whether authentic Frasier or faux, is the iconic symbol of the season and the one accessory not to skip.

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