Friday, November 16, 2012

Tory Burch Accessories

Come Christmas, give a little luxury. These Tory Burch accessories are perfectly portioned bits of mousse or merengue that drizzle everyday in delicious extravagance.

For midday errands or coffee between meetings, I carry only a wallet and phone. But add a to-go cup, bag loaded with Target loot, dry cleaning, stamps, Macy’s fragrance samples, and what began an easy outing spirals into a juggling act. 

The Robinson Smart Phone Wallet will save you from the circus sideshow. Made of scratch-resistant Italian leather in icy turquoise, the pretty pouch is specifically designed to store girl-on-the-go essentials: phone, cards, cash. Mobile multitasking at hand.

The Transit Pass Holder is another mini manifestation of Tory Burch brilliance. My bus pass and work badge float freely in my bag all day, making them hard to find and easy to lose. Here, poppy pebbled-leather binds and organizes cards and passes so you can commute uptown to downtown fumble-free.

Sweet as dessert,  these treats shouldn’t be saved for special occasions only. We all need a daily dose of opulence and with these, functionality is baked in.

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