Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Crate & Barrel Verve Flute

With December 25 just two short weeks away, you've likely already attended a Christmas party. But if you've yet to host a holiday meet 'n greet, first ensure you have the mechanics for proper merry-making. 

Before Christmas Eve tenderloin, my family toasts with champagne. At a recent Sunday brunch, the stemless glass in which my mimosa (read: straight brut) arrived turned me on to a more modern possibility in drinkware, and I plan to incorporate that inspiration into our approaching aperitif. 

The Inspiration 

Of course, entertaining authority Crate & Barrel has the desired design. The Verve is contemporary, as the one captured above, but light-years swankier.  

The clean, kingly silhouette tapers softly into a uniquely chunky base. Its deviation from flutes' typically skinny stem is the appeal, but handmade, finely-cut glass still whispers of the delicacy that defines sparkling wine. Appropriately, sealed-in bubbles exude energy, mirroring the mood the drink induces. 

photo courtesy crateandbarrel.com

If I'm this giddy about the empty glass, I expect my delight will overflow once the flute's filled with a bubbly beverage. 'Tis the season!

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