Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

They say, “don’t fix what isn’t broken,” but prevention attention goes a long way in discrediting that catchphrase. The old saying leaves no room for what exists to be improved upon or consider that care today inhibits a quicker and harsher tomorrow.

Kiehl’s products are packed with the natural ingredients for the healthiest skin, whether you’re preventing, restoring, or somewhere in-between. The company began as a pharmacy in New York City’s East Village 160 years ago. The brand’s endurance is the strongest testament to its effectiveness, and its “old world apothecary” origin is both assuring and indulgent, like you’re tapping into the exotic, natural secrets of ancient medicine men. 

There’s indeed a bit of magic in the way the Midnight Recovery Concentrate works: a few drops of the potion before bed, and you arise in the morning transformed – a real-life Sleeping Beauty. The process isn’t actually that immediate, but skin is most receptive to repairing itself at night. This lightweight serum works in unison with that natural cycle to dramatically rehabilitate and revive, mid-dream.

Kiehl’s advocates this product for all skin types and ages. Though I’m not yet fighting fine lines, Midnight Recovery is a conditioning and smoothing treatment that beats back the look of stress we all suffer from and, I like to think, primes skin for graceful aging.

The Concentrate's light lavender aroma sends you to sleep like a soothing lullaby, but rising to a soft, glowing complexion is the principal perk -- as pleasing as rousing to a prince's kiss.

From prevention to dark spots, target your anti-aging concern with personalized product recommendations from Kiehl's. 

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