Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Plant

I've never been big into New Year's resolutions, resisting that a calendar flip be the only fuel to ignite a fresh start. Still, I'm seduced by the sparkle, celebrations, and thrill of the annual countdown. 

Whether or not you determine to do things differently in 2013, it's important to reflect on the year gone and look with optimism on the next. Otherwise, time is just passing. 

To mark the occasion – and signify an embrace of experiences to come – I bought a new plant

photo courtesy

I've been drawn recently to the gritty imperfection and beautiful toughness of cacti. The succulent thrives in all parts of the world and symbolizes endurance.

I looked up "toughness" in the Thesaurus just now, unsure of my word choice, and synonyms such as "resolution" and "earnestness" turned up. I felt immediately validated. The low-maintenance plant couldn’t be more appropriate for this time of year or emblematic of the attitude with which I'll approach 2013 – full of gratitude, vigor and determination, through all elements, in any environment.

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