Friday, December 14, 2012

Scott Schuman's The Sartorialist

Over leisurely lunches and on idle nights, I frequently find myself scrolling through The Sartorialist. The draw is not only the obvious fashion stimulation, but the artistic window it offers into individual experience.

I've long felt a magnetism toward the "now," the pulse of present time  – it's why I love reality TV and majored in journalism. Scott Schuman's snapshots essentially assemble a graphic newspaper, wordlessly reporting what's interrupting, what's inspiring, what's happening around the globe any arbitrary, fleeting moment.


To book lovers' delight, the digital collection was first published in 2009; the sophomore deeper dive, this year. Even if you couldn't care less about women in work boots or the merits of sockless loafers, the sharp photographs, bound together in bright paperback, are provocative revelations of human habit. 


If You’re Thinking About...… Culture, universally relevant and perpetually in style, Schuman’s process and product are vibrant studies.

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