Friday, January 18, 2013

Looks I Love: Feminized Moto

This shot of Ashley Olsen showed up in InStyle’s February issue. First, I folded down a corner of the page where it was printed, then came back to it again and again. The look stands out because it’s as simple as it is chic, and perfectly proportional. It inspired me to start a series documenting looks I love (like this and this), as a supplement to this blog’s basis in highlighting key items.

The trendsetting twin kicks off the series in Calvin Klein Collection. The fashion collar makes the jacket the focal point, and everything else in the ensemble accordingly bows down.

The jacket is weightier and conveys toughness, so a sleek skirt feminizes the outfit’s upper half (and doesn't drown petite frames). The cropped skirt shows off ankles and makes it cleaner and cuter than a ground-grazing maxi. Open-toed shoes keep the effect casual, but the heels hint of glamour.

Paneled sleeves add interest without detracting from the polished all-black story, and fabric matching the collar’s interior creates cohesion. Buttoned-up styling is critical, offering structure; an open-front top would look sloppy in combination with the jersey skirt, despite its fitted form. 

Here are several shopping options. I like black-on-black best, but the other monochrome pairings work well, too, offering the same balanced contrast as Olsen's original. 

 American Apparel skirt // Rick Owens jacket

Rachel Zoe skirt // Rhyme Los Angeles jacket (zipped up, of course). 

Madewell vest // J.Crew jacket. Sabine skirt

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