Monday, January 28, 2013

Pillow Party

You probably never considered any association between decorative accessories and diamonds or cosmetics, but pillows are the necklaces and lipsticks of the living room. Sitting in the same surroundings night after night gets old fast, but updating couches and coffee tables frequently isn’t feasible. We're usually encouraged to "think bigger," but in this case, think smaller: pillows renovate architectural aura the way makeup and jewelry spice up stale sportswear.

Punchy upholstery energizes solid-color furniture and brightens monotony-dampened moods. Utilizing different shades within a single color-story or combining two complementary tones tames an eclectic combination of scales, prints and patterns.

Further reinforce cohesion by balancing the collective use of shapes: the first bunch has three circle representations and two diamond-detailed. In the green grouping, rounded formations on the orange and olive pieces even out the triangular geometry of the others.

With four or five of these lively cushions on the couch, you’ll be sitting pretty. 

one: polka dots (similar). two: scribble circle. three: pink & red ikat. four: pink dot. five: ink blot

one: olive circles. two: orange fish. three: peridot zigzag. four: mica linen

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