Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pottery Barn Antique Silver Jewelry Box

Like hair bows and Barbies, a jewelry box is an essential part of a little girl’s life. I got my first – a pretty pink trunk that when opened revealed a twirling ballerina and sweet melody – on my third Christmas.

Sometime in my teenage years I stopped using one, too cool for an accessory that sang me to sleep. Now, I’m old enough to appreciate that a box brimming with precious stones is also full of elegance and charm -- qualities that overrule old juvenile prejudices.

Because I’ve accumulated a modest assortment and need more space than a single box provides, I like Pottery Barn's Antique Silver design. The matching chests are sophisticated storage solutions that create a clean, timeless presentation. 

Modeled after museum display cases, the antique chambers feature an embossed-steel metal frame, intricate punched-metal patterning, and glass panels for easy viewing (especially advantageous for a collection that comprises more than plastic beads and candy necklaces). Inside, ivory linen lining is a gentle nesting bed for emeralds, topaz and turquoise. Silver suits almost any décor, so as years pass and color schemes change, this keepsake can stay the same. 

Opt for delicate monogramming to build an intimate bond with the piece -- an age-appropriate nod to the sentimental memory of that first pink music box.

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  1. These silver jewellery boxes are love.I am so in love with all of them badly.I am intended to purchase them anytime soon.