Friday, March 29, 2013

Kate Spade Saturday Everyday Shift Dress

For the budget-bound, holidays provide reason to purchase new apparel. Winter fabrics and colors are ill-fitted for Easter, and everyday wear isn't special enough for the celebration. Hands tied. Must shop.

Kate Spade Saturday's Everyday Shift offers a vibrant spring print that feels fresh compared to traditional florals. The abstract design is sophisticated, while the mini length and crossover back closure keep the look contemporary. A straight-forward silhouette balances the wild 'n free colors.

Easter Mass is once a year, but the cotton dress works for weddings and outdoor occasions throughout summer. Take a cue from the style's name and pair with Keds and a cap for casual evenings when your calendar's formal events fade.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lands' End Canvas Chambray T-shirt

The comfort of a tee is unmatched, but the refinement of a blouse beats a knit’s easily-rumpled, easily-wrinkled tendency. This Lands’ End Canvas chambray shirt combines the best of both: the effortless silhouette of an everyday cotton crew and the smart structure of a tailored top.

Though the shirt is clean-cut, a keyhole back, chest pocket and contrasting seam stitching affirm a young & fresh feel. Cap sleeves are an edgy and feminine twist on traditional short sleeves, and the soft chambray fabric is an all-season staple. 

As appropriate at a farmers' market or aboard a sailboat as at the office or happy hour, the shirt's finest feature is its completeness in and of itself -- no need to add a sweater in conservative settings or top with a necklace for night-out punch. 

The t-shirt got a makeover, and it looks good. 

**Disclaimer: As of 4/8/13, I am employed by Lands' End as a copywriter. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Steve Madden Nanncy Sandal

It's easy to be skeptical of spring's metallic trend. Visions of Austin Powers roller-skating in a gold get-up taint the chic, fashion-forward picture ELLE paints. 

Steve Madden's Nanncy sandal gets you in on the flashy fun with your dignity intact. 

Disco ball-brilliant silver cuffs the ankle, while modest, matte leather dims the glare and grounds the effect. Small details like a bold buckle and back zip make the sandals something to see without marring the clean lines and simplicity that enable year-after-year relevance. The mid-wedge, flat/heel hybrid can be paired happily with both casual and occasion wear. 

Pops of white clinch the Maddens as must-haves. Bleached footwear that doesn't read kiddie, Beach Trash Barbie or bridal is an anomaly, but when executed well, the angelic color is sinfully good. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Color Muse: Cabernet, Cherry, Citron

The first few days of March are a tricky time for fashion. Spring is baby steps away, but winter’s freeze hasn’t fully faded. Anchor your outfit in a perennial pigment, then pull prints and colors from abutting seasons for a balanced blend.

Red is seasonless and leather walks seamlessly between bitterly-cold and balmy. Pumps to match the pants make cherry the outfit foundation (around which to build) by mathematical majority. Rich cabernet is the cold-weather color to neutralize a spring citrus scarf. Both shades hold hands with bright cherry in a novel, notice-me way. The silk floral wrap picks up both the burgundy and red to further unify the palette.

Citron injects youthful vigor into the sophisticated ruby pieces. While the overarching color story and silhouettes are classic and ladylike, that neon pop, the lustful leather, flirty peplum skirt and caged strap details are winks of contemporary relevance. 

top. // scarf. // pants. // pumps.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Color Muse: Pistachio & Peach

Sometime last summer, my mom served grilled peaches for after-dinner dessert. Butter and brown sugar filled the carved-out core, and a dusting of pistachios dressed the savory surface. I always choose chocolate over fruit, but this sweet softened my partiality.

The pairing that tastes so good is also appetizing in apparel. Pastel green and peachy coral aren’t commonly combined, but their mixing creates something memorable and delicious in its rarity. Both colors are beacons individually; when juxtaposed, the light shines even brighter.

Accessorize with gray.  Smoke and heathered charcoal jewelry is versatile, refined and right-now. A light scarf or chunky necklace in the muted shade balances brights. 

dress. // necklace. // shoe.