Friday, March 1, 2013

Color Muse: Pistachio & Peach

Sometime last summer, my mom served grilled peaches for after-dinner dessert. Butter and brown sugar filled the carved-out core, and a dusting of pistachios dressed the savory surface. I always choose chocolate over fruit, but this sweet softened my partiality.

The pairing that tastes so good is also appetizing in apparel. Pastel green and peachy coral aren’t commonly combined, but their mixing creates something memorable and delicious in its rarity. Both colors are beacons individually; when juxtaposed, the light shines even brighter.

Accessorize with gray.  Smoke and heathered charcoal jewelry is versatile, refined and right-now. A light scarf or chunky necklace in the muted shade balances brights. 

dress. // necklace. // shoe.

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