Friday, March 29, 2013

Kate Spade Saturday Everyday Shift Dress

For the budget-bound, holidays provide reason to purchase new apparel. Winter fabrics and colors are ill-fitted for Easter, and everyday wear isn't special enough for the celebration. Hands tied. Must shop.

Kate Spade Saturday's Everyday Shift offers a vibrant spring print that feels fresh compared to traditional florals. The abstract design is sophisticated, while the mini length and crossover back closure keep the look contemporary. A straight-forward silhouette balances the wild 'n free colors.

Easter Mass is once a year, but the cotton dress works for weddings and outdoor occasions throughout summer. Take a cue from the style's name and pair with Keds and a cap for casual evenings when your calendar's formal events fade.


  1. Imma take a moment here to pick your brain on the Saturday line. I ordered two bags from Saturday on launch day and they came earlier this week. Great shipping turn around. I wish I could be as impressed with the quality. Just shocking, Kendall. The "leather" felt like plastic. I'm still in shock with how cheap-y both bags felt and am sort of shocked that they couldn't find a better fabric to make the straps out of. Have you heard word of this around your parts?

  2. Really?! How disappointing! I do not have any experience with the accessories. Some of the sunglasses look really cute, but pricey for plastic...