Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Steve Madden Nanncy Sandal

It's easy to be skeptical of spring's metallic trend. Visions of Austin Powers roller-skating in a gold get-up taint the chic, fashion-forward picture ELLE paints. 

Steve Madden's Nanncy sandal gets you in on the flashy fun with your dignity intact. 

Disco ball-brilliant silver cuffs the ankle, while modest, matte leather dims the glare and grounds the effect. Small details like a bold buckle and back zip make the sandals something to see without marring the clean lines and simplicity that enable year-after-year relevance. The mid-wedge, flat/heel hybrid can be paired happily with both casual and occasion wear. 

Pops of white clinch the Maddens as must-haves. Bleached footwear that doesn't read kiddie, Beach Trash Barbie or bridal is an anomaly, but when executed well, the angelic color is sinfully good. 

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