Thursday, November 21, 2013

Folgers French Vanilla

It’s not as trendy as Dunkin’ or as sexy as Starbucks, but Folgers French Vanilla is its own brand of magic. For someone who likes her coffee without milk or sugar, it has just enough flavor to keep me coming back without the awful aftertaste of syrupy-sweet creamers. It's mellow and creamy, and my parents would probably say it's not strong enough, but I'm not yet at the point where I need my coffee to electric shock me out the door. And the aroma. The aroma is half the experience, and friends who stay with me invariably ask what it is filling their mugs. I'm convinced it actually would rouse you from sleep like the commercials claim. I picked up the scent at my friend Stacy’s lake house, where her mom stocks the grounds – thanks, Nance! – and now really can't leave for work without it. Plus, it's pretty cool that the brand introduced commercially roasted coffee to the masses. Sing it with me now, "The best part of waking up..."

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