Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Puffer Op-Ed

I read a list online (from a contemporary women’s style source) that ticked off 10 apparel pieces to avoid for being universally unflattering. Along with velour sweatsuits (yes) and strapless dresses (OK), it cited long puffers. And . . . swing and a miss. I admit I was hesitant to purchase my first below-the-waist puffer in 2008 – it seemed out there (as did everything everyone wasn’t already wearing). But my mom insisted I needed something that “covered my butt” when walking to class through blowing snowdrifts. She grew up in Northern Michigan where it has flurried through July Fourth fireworks, so she’s well acquainted with below-freezing temps and how to rise above. She was right about the butt. Not dressing for the weather is the fashion faux pas to avoid here. It’s not cool to skip the scarf (so to speak). Trust, retailers know how to ensure you don’t look like the Michelin man. And slipping on what's essentially a down comforter with sleeves is like stepping into your own personal cocoon. Purr.

After enduring five winters, my faithful puffer might be on its last leg. Replacement options herehere and here

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