Wednesday, December 18, 2013

batting above average

In the spirit of the holiday season and all things go-go-go, let's talk about the just-from-the-gym slant J.Crew is pitching (the October style guide declared a "love affair with sportswear" and there are conspicuously more sneakers in the styling). The look is right in my wheelhouse: I did once own a basketball is life t-shirt (pause for embarrassment), and yet always played Posh in the neighborhood Spice Girls rollerblading shows. And yes, there were several. Videotaped. So the fun for me is getting to be two things at once – one of the guys and still a lady. Throwing on a baseball hat to punctuate a sleek outfit (think wet-look leggings, pointy-toe pumps) is the easiest way to hit this one outta the park. Just make sure it’s actually the hat you wear to pick up groceries and drop off dry cleaning – authentic in a way the rhinestone-encrusted, $300 calf hair ones are not. Maybe that's just the Minnesota in me. A little reminder before I go: Anchorman 2 hits theaters today. Bring out the scotch! Serious question: do teenagers today know the channel 4 news crew? Do they get what's going on when someone says they have many leather-bound books and their apartment smells of rich mahogany? Let's hope so. Stay classy everyone.

Sam Edelman heels (I want these MORE!) // Hue leggings (similar - check your local Macy's) // schoolboy blazer // white tee (any) // hat (support your home team!)


  1. Hi Krysten -- thanks! It's a nice "simple" pump. As noted in the outfit caption, there are certainly other SE styles I want more, but gotta buy the basics first, right?!