Monday, December 23, 2013

haim starter kit

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. My mom and I spent the weekend shopping, cooking and going a little crazy in preparation for her holiday open house. I take credit for the Bloody Mary shrimp and tortellini skewers, and give credit for this morning’s headache to the champagne punch. Hopefully you’re cozied up with family by now, with perhaps the relief of one Christmas party under your belt, but if driving over the river and through the woods today like my little sister, do yourself (and your travel stress) a solid and download these three songs: The Wire, Don’t Save Me, Forever – all by Haim. I know it’s supposed to be an uninterrupted stream of Jingle Bells at this stage in the game, but who can listen to the holly jolly station non-stop? I would miss this badass band of sisters too much. Like the mushroom crostini served last night, I just can’t get enough. Safe travels to all and SEE YOU TONIGHT, Alex! We’ve got the wine and snacks ready. 

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