Friday, December 6, 2013

sleep set reality check

Busy week at work, folks. They say peak season is passed, but it doesn’t quite feel that way. No matter, I like the hustle -- though the chaos may be catching up with me. I overslept twice this week (and yes, still made it out the door on time). Tiring schedule aside, the dark winter weather makes it nearly impossible to throw off the blankets at the first AM alarm. And when I get home at night, getting back in those comfy clothes is priority numero uno. The reality: pajamas are more than what you sleep in this time of year. And it's high time to invest in something luxurious (matching separates in a feel-good fabric) that elevates that cozy time at home – dreaming and waking hours. I’m a big fan of vintage, airy sets (bonus: current trend dictates the tops double as cocktail attire). You’ll get more wear out of something lightweight that can hang for three seasons, and adding a monogram (all the rage) really cements the luxe lounge look. Just finish with mocs and a wrap during the coldest months. Happy hibernating!

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