Friday, December 20, 2013

the eleventh hour

Good news! All gifts are on hand and ready to slide under the tree (not sure what I was thinking buying this crazy kiddie wrapping paper – my mom and her color-coordinated tree will not be pleased – but in the bright light of a Target aisle I was tricked into thinking it cheap and charming). Last year I wasn’t so prepared: one gift failed to arrive in the mail before I had to hit the road. I found it at the mall – and Christmas was saved – but pushing and shoving through Apache is not in the game plan this year, thank God. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing to venture out, here’s what to wear. Neon pink to keep spirits bright when what you want is sold out. Get-through-it-all Hunters for traction on both icy sidewalks and slick store floors – realize you might have to run. A slim vest that’s warm but lightweight ‘cause who wants to sweat circles around Nordstrom? A baseball hat to keep it incognito and just get the job done. All that’s missing is the present. So get going! Come five o’clock I’ll be burning rubber back to the homeland. Looking forward to a night of Redwood Room pizza and Miracle on 34th Street to fire up the holiday festivities. See ya in a week Wisconsin!  

vest // Gap v-neck sweater (old) // scarf (Budapest via study abroad!) // leggings // Hunter boots


  1. You're really hitting the sweet spot here! By the way, don't forget the American Players Theater in Spring Green--I think performances begin in April.

  2. Haha, thanks Bill! I'll mark my calendar for April.