Tuesday, December 10, 2013

the universal shoe

All accessories are special (har har), but these Nine West pumps and J.Crew necklace rank highest in my heart. I bought them to boost a basic interview sheath – and have since been stumped to find anything in my closet they don’t work with (tangerine? camo? chartreuse? merlot? hot pink? gray print? checkcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck!). They're the A Team. Sonny and Cher. Bonnie and Clyde. Ben and Jerry. Shoe credit goes to the classic design in an electric cobalt/violet blend (it's purple! it's blue! it's both!). Tied back to jewelry that picks up what they put down, the neutral-alternative serves up a dish that's a little down to earth, a little out of this world (all about balance, people). Fashion credo says to shake things up with accessories, but here's a case study in the contrary: add-ons that are the anchor. The takeaway: when you find an awesome pair of shoes you love, get 'em. They'll find a way to fit into the outfits you plan (and those you don't). Here, dissect and analyze how these strut through every season -- tried and tested by yours truly. 

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