Friday, December 13, 2013

zzesty gift-giving

Sending my first Christmas gifts out in the mail today! I picked everything up at ZZest, a café & market in my hometown run by a couple who live right around the corner from my parents. Jerry and LeeAnn have owned and operated several restaurants in Rochester over the years; this, the newest. The space is half gourmet pantry, half dining room, with a large open bar that offers dynamic views of the chefs at work amidst bright burners and chopping knives. In the summer, I die for the wood-fired pizza on the outdoor patio (the salty hand-pulled mozzarella is beyond); in winter, it’s seasonal mussels – and I don't leave town without a doggy bag of skordalia. Swing in next time you're in southeast Minn! Long and tasty tangent aside, wishing you a HAPPY WEEKEND full of artisan eats and holiday cheer! 

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