Friday, January 31, 2014

the horse and the heart

Happy Friday and (finally) last day of January! Doesn't NYE feel like forever ago? This week was dragging at first, but by yesterday I felt like, “Thursday already?” I let myself sleep a little later on Fridays, get to catch the first 10-15 minutes of The Today Show (it’s something!), and treated myself to a vanilla half coffee/half cappuccino. Cue heavenly choir. There are also some fun things on the weekend agenda, and while I’ve always followed the rules, I made a big decision yesterday to do something for myself that has reignited a dimming light. This mood has me feeling warm and fuzzy, so let’s talk Valentine’s Day – two weeks away! The holiday has a lot of haters, but where’s the harm in spoiling those who keep the heart pumping? Whether you’re gifting your mom, sister, girlfriend or yourself (totally acceptable), theses small-but-sweet treats are the perfect sugar high: tasty little luxuries for which a girl’s appetite is never satisfied. Keep the indulgence going and crack open a fortune cookie today is the Lunar New Year. Predictions say 2014 will be about standing your ground. I don’t put much stock in crystal ball-gazing, but horoscopes are fun to read (I love The Daily Scope) and they can give a little lift or big-picture perspective when you’re bogged down by the daily grind. See what the Horse has in store for you here.


teacup. a pretty design elevates the ritual of tea drinking – even if the dishes are all white, mugs should have personality. the way we were. i’m making a point to catch up on the classics and have never seen anything starring these iconic actors. criminal. panty. have you ever met a girl with a bare-bones panty drawer? right. she doesn’t exist. nail lacquer. the perfect shade for day and night: feminine and cool. sports bra. seamless comfort with support for running, while free-moving enough for yoga. hydrangeas. prettier than roses in my opinion, and free from underlying messages of love, friendship and apology. malbec. because, duh. get it at trader joe’s for under $10. red lizard lipstick. “the best universal red,” as overheard in the marketing department of target hq. rollerball. travel sized to smell good on the go. throw. for stylish snuggling. candle. a jar as beautiful as the scent inside. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

lightning speed and seahawks

I’m a little cranky. A necklace I ordered from J.Crew arrived last night in two pieces. It’s so cold I’m wearing my coat inside. And I’m facing some frustrating blog obstacles (and general life hang-ups). Nothing too tragic, really, but enough to make my teeth grind. I can’t wait to release my rage on the treadmill later – and hope I can get there without causing any collateral damage. I always run in all black, but there’s something about bright colors that make you feel like you can go harder, better, faster, stronger, right? Well “increase speed” now ‘cause these high-energy pieces will make you feel like Lolo Jones. The most important? Streamlined running tights (don't give chafing a chance), supportive sneaks (my feet are so flat) and a gym-only bag (with separate pockets for damp socks and designer wallet). If you're still not motivated, at least turn on the TV so you can watch someone break a sweat. The Seahawks play the Broncos in Superbowl XLVIII Sunday. Based purely on jersey color, I'll be rooting for Seattle (but you got that from this outfit right?) and snacking on this dip, this hummus and these meatballs. Feeling better already.

pullover. // tights. // tank. // bra. // Camelbak. // hair ties. // shoes. // backpack.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

biggie smalls

It’s Tuesday. Boring. But Paper Source is master of making the humdrum a bit more exciting. As in I’m going to scribble down to-do lists for fun and pass out bogus business cards if I have to. I popped over to the sweet paperie to find a 2014 desk calendar (to replace this one) and was quickly swept up in the colorful, customized world. I haven’t had a personalized note pad in years, and once I saw all these darling designs, couldn’t understand why. These candy-striped straws put the generic drugstore kind to shame and are the perfect garnish on a cup of cocoa or champagne cocktail. I love this journal’s low-pressure attitude (hey, just a line a day!), have to have these address stamps (so official), and can’t wait for the next party so I can create some coasters or napkins like this fun moustache sample. If you’re not buoyed by any of these tiny treasures, your heart isn’t beating. It really is the little things. But going big isn’t a bad plan either. Warren Buffet is offering a BILLION dollars to the person who slots a perfect bracket in the upcoming March Madness showdown. Your odds of winning are one in 9.2 quintillion. Get the details here and start studying ESPN now. Tip off is March 20. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

not crying on sunday

Yesterday I slept till eleven, read Mindy Kaling’s ELLE, watched the Grammys. It was entirely lazy, and entirely perfect. Not so perfect? The three-and-a-half hours plus air time of the Grammys. It ran a little long. But of all the award shows, "music's biggest night" is most entertaining: inspired performances, wild fashion, widest range. I was happiest to see Macklemore, Lorde and Bruno Mars win. And when Madge came out with "Open Your Heart"? That was a moment. I’ll never sing like them, but can aspire to look and feel as red-carpet ready. These beauty tools are topping my charts the morning after: a Clarisonic because the gentle spin brush clears pores and cleans skin more thoroughly than mine has probably been since birth; a hydrating hair masque because my stylist has been encouraging it, my strands are really dry, and it only takes five minutes; a luxe body scrub because every few days an exfoliant is really restorative -- and this indulgent formula is great prep for special occasions and date night; a new scent because I haven't found one that is really "me," and judging by the chic bottle and even chicer creators (MK&A), this could be it. 

images via sephora

Thursday, January 23, 2014

sally draper and sochi

Kiernan Shipka is only fourteen, but I’d gladly give up my wardrobe for hers. I love the feminine, clean-lined silhouettes and am a fully-certified member of the we-heart-ankle-straps club. It's a sophisticated style, but she keeps it young and modern with unexpected details: an electric flash of yellow, metallic heels, scalloped hemline, whispy braids, edgy ankle boots. Time to start watching Mad Men. If you’re more Sporty Spice than sugar ‘n spice, try the Olympic Opening Ceremony ensembles on for size, revealed today. You can shop the Ralph Lauren collection and meet the athletes here. Better hurry because the Sochi Games kick off in fourteen short days (and the creamy white sweatpants & Go for Gold Mittens are already sold out)! What events will you watch?

images via pinterest

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

grinning and bearing

This second wave of shockingly cold temps is a quick slap of a reminder that it’s too soon to be sick of winter clothing. Fine. I’m really into all things après-ski right now anyway. Inspired by some warm Powderhorn memories, I was able to dig up a few things that actually make a -20 degree wind chill worth it: for starters, cashmere long johns, heritage boots and a little mountaingirl-glam fur. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere consistently warm, this getup is a good excuse to get your butt to Sundance. The film festival known for showcasing “the most original and authentic storytellers” is about halfway through its annual run in Park City. Attending is on my life to-do list, and if this film scroll doesn’t get you excited about the experience, DailyCandy’s eat-this-drink-that guide and the promise of rampant celeb sightings surely will. 

leggings. // crew. // boots. // jacket. // sunglasses. // trapper.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

sunny outlook

This week at work I started contributing to a fun project in a bigger way and a walkthrough of the men’s fall line reminded me why I love working in apparel. It also marked my cold-weather breaking point. I’m over bulky snow boots, icy windshields and nights spent hibernating inside. But with each below-freezing day, we’re one step closer to warm. So trudge on, friends. Chances are you know someone who got a ring over the holidays, and she’s not the only one who gets to wear a dress for the big day. My eyes are fixed on March, when my friend J is tying the knot in sunny Scottsdale. Any of these dresses would be a winner for the spring ceremony and could be repeated all year for nice dinners, nights out – and of course, birthdays. Michelle Obama is celebrating hers tonight at the White House, setting new standards for “fifty and fabulous.” She gets tons of attention for her fashion sense and fitness discipline, but let’s not forget she’s a Princeton grad and public service devotee. Happy birthday FLOTUS! Keep doin’ what you’re doin’.

one. // two. // three

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

pixie sticks

I love that my corporate dress code allows jeans, but my own fashion etiquette insists on variety. J.Crew Pixie pants are a genius option to switch in when your blues need a break. They look tailored and clean, but are as comfortable as leggings – and thick enough to prevent any see-through Lululemon situations. That combination is a recipe for versatility, so dont hesitate to work em whether picking up groceries or typing up spreadsheets. Wherever you are, they'll make you feel smart and sleek. And no one embodies that description better than Lena Dunham, whose first Vogue cover is all over the Internet today. The accompanying article is long, but worth every word. Love the peek inside a typical Girls take, love Dunhams sense of self and unsnobbish attitude (she prefers bulky necklaces, like a kindergarten art teacher’”), love that Zac Posen was her babysitter and hand-made her high school graduation dress. This girl just keeps getting cooler. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

going naked

Alert the media: this weekend I gave myself the best manicure of my life. Ms. Debbie Lippmann, I’ll be sending flowers. So I was binging at Sephora and stopped at a nail color kiosk on the way to the service counter. After a couple disappointing salon trips last month I decided to take matters into my own hands, and if you’re going to DIY, top tools make a difference. Cuticle trimming, buffing and filing are important, but it’s the polish that people notice, right? Deborah Lippmann is an expensive brand (and I admit I didn’t even look at the price before buying), but it’s worth the investment for quality top coat and a few natural colors you’ll wear constantly. I went Naked this time; will be back soon for Baby Love. If you're not interested in baring all, cover up with Peter Pilotto for Target – the lookbook for the latest high-low collab dropped today. The collection's pretty crazy, but I'd give this blouse and this look a go. All seventy pieces will be available February 9.

Monday, January 13, 2014

couture and coffee

I ended up squeezing in The Wolf of Wall Street on Sunday afternoon (Leo won Best Actor for his role and also deserves an Oscar – his first! – if not for the entire performance then for the scene that starts at the country club and ends in the kitchen), so I felt a little more prepared for last night’s Globes than I had earlier in the weekend. I opted for NBC’s preshow instead of E!’s red carpet coverage – I can’t handle the mani cam or the word “amazeballs” – so I didn’t catch as much of the fashion as I would've under Rancic's watch. But here are the gals that were best dressed in my book. I love a good cutaway (a la Amy) and seriously want to steal Elisabeth Moss's heels. More importantly, focusing on how I can channel these looks at my own upcoming events is an effective distraction from the coffee I spilled all over my jeans on the way to work this morning. Happy Monday!

images via pinterest