Tuesday, January 28, 2014

biggie smalls

It’s Tuesday. Boring. But Paper Source is master of making the humdrum a bit more exciting. As in I’m going to scribble down to-do lists for fun and pass out bogus business cards if I have to. I popped over to the sweet paperie to find a 2014 desk calendar (to replace this one) and was quickly swept up in the colorful, customized world. I haven’t had a personalized note pad in years, and once I saw all these darling designs, couldn’t understand why. These candy-striped straws put the generic drugstore kind to shame and are the perfect garnish on a cup of cocoa or champagne cocktail. I love this journal’s low-pressure attitude (hey, just a line a day!), have to have these address stamps (so official), and can’t wait for the next party so I can create some coasters or napkins like this fun moustache sample. If you’re not buoyed by any of these tiny treasures, your heart isn’t beating. It really is the little things. But going big isn’t a bad plan either. Warren Buffet is offering a BILLION dollars to the person who slots a perfect bracket in the upcoming March Madness showdown. Your odds of winning are one in 9.2 quintillion. Get the details here and start studying ESPN now. Tip off is March 20. 

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