Saturday, January 4, 2014

texas forever

Hey y’all. Sorry, must be the residents of Dillon, Texas rubbing off on me. It’s pretty chilly in Wisconsin, and I know it’s not the only part of the country seeing record-low temps and tons of snow. So I’ve been spending the weekend so far getting deeply involved in NBC’s Friday Night Lights and suggest you do the same. It aired between 2006 and 2011, but I was in college for most of that span and not really camped out on the couch as much as I am these days, so I totally missed it back then. Anyway, I recently finished Breaking Bad (every emotion) and the high school football drama is a nice change of pace from the super-intensity of meth, murder and destruction that is Walter White’s life. Without knowing anything about it I assumed FNL would be an updated Dawson’s Creek – obviously, with a little more pigskin. But I’m only on episode 7 and it’s proving extremely dynamic and emotional. And about a lot more than touchdowns. The documentary-style filming and close-up camera angles give everything a very real feel. The dialogue & relationships are true to life, the scenarios refreshingly relatable, the scenes a captivating mix of heavy and light, heartbreaking and uplifting. If that’s not incentive enough to queue it up on Netflix, here's what is: Tim Riggins. I almost died when he fed Lyla with a fork. Happy drooling viewing!

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