Monday, January 13, 2014

couture and coffee

I ended up squeezing in The Wolf of Wall Street on Sunday afternoon (Leo won Best Actor for his role and also deserves an Oscar – his first! – if not for the entire performance then for the scene that starts at the country club and ends in the kitchen), so I felt a little more prepared for last night’s Globes than I had earlier in the weekend. I opted for NBC’s preshow instead of E!’s red carpet coverage – I can’t handle the mani cam or the word “amazeballs” – so I didn’t catch as much of the fashion as I would've under Rancic's watch. But here are the gals that were best dressed in my book. I love a good cutaway (a la Amy) and seriously want to steal Elisabeth Moss's heels. More importantly, focusing on how I can channel these looks at my own upcoming events is an effective distraction from the coffee I spilled all over my jeans on the way to work this morning. Happy Monday!

images via pinterest

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