Friday, January 31, 2014

the horse and the heart

Happy Friday and (finally) last day of January! Doesn't NYE feel like forever ago? This week was dragging at first, but by yesterday I felt like, “Thursday already?” I let myself sleep a little later on Fridays, get to catch the first 10-15 minutes of The Today Show (it’s something!), and treated myself to a vanilla half coffee/half cappuccino. Cue heavenly choir. There are also some fun things on the weekend agenda, and while I’ve always followed the rules, I made a big decision yesterday to do something for myself that has reignited a dimming light. This mood has me feeling warm and fuzzy, so let’s talk Valentine’s Day – two weeks away! The holiday has a lot of haters, but where’s the harm in spoiling those who keep the heart pumping? Whether you’re gifting your mom, sister, girlfriend or yourself (totally acceptable), theses small-but-sweet treats are the perfect sugar high: tasty little luxuries for which a girl’s appetite is never satisfied. Keep the indulgence going and crack open a fortune cookie today is the Lunar New Year. Predictions say 2014 will be about standing your ground. I don’t put much stock in crystal ball-gazing, but horoscopes are fun to read (I love The Daily Scope) and they can give a little lift or big-picture perspective when you’re bogged down by the daily grind. See what the Horse has in store for you here.


teacup. a pretty design elevates the ritual of tea drinking – even if the dishes are all white, mugs should have personality. the way we were. i’m making a point to catch up on the classics and have never seen anything starring these iconic actors. criminal. panty. have you ever met a girl with a bare-bones panty drawer? right. she doesn’t exist. nail lacquer. the perfect shade for day and night: feminine and cool. sports bra. seamless comfort with support for running, while free-moving enough for yoga. hydrangeas. prettier than roses in my opinion, and free from underlying messages of love, friendship and apology. malbec. because, duh. get it at trader joe’s for under $10. red lizard lipstick. “the best universal red,” as overheard in the marketing department of target hq. rollerball. travel sized to smell good on the go. throw. for stylish snuggling. candle. a jar as beautiful as the scent inside. 

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