Friday, January 10, 2014

kissing frogs

On New Year’s Eve my friends and I got our makeup done at Benefit pre-ball drop. B had the good luck of winning a package that included application, a complimentary service and bubbly all around. Reviews were mixed at the end of the session. Some girls looked great, others looked – and I quote – “hungover.” But at least everyone had freshly waxed brows and a good buzz. I had to fix a few things when we got home, but couldn't complain – it was free, after all. I do have a bone to pick about the product I ended up buying, a cheek stain – it looks like nothing. This is an all too familiar tale. Whenever I stray from the status quo – because what I want is sold out or a new color catches my eye – it either doesn’t look as good or work as well as my regular order. Wasted. Dollars. But I really wanted to revive my routine and a few worthless rouges can’t keep me down. Snooze is my middle name in the AM, so I need products that are simple (and effective and daytime-appropriate and long-wearing). Well, lipstick is a magic wand for looking alive and pulled together, even at sunrise, in sweatpants. Fast walk to your local Sephora ‘cause orangey-red is all the rage this year, and it's exactly what I was looking for – classic but fun. I thought it'd be tough to make lip color a habit, but not NARS. It’s natural, takes a second to apply and looks the same every time (more than I can say for my eyeliner). Feels right, looks good, easy and dependable? That's what you call a keeper. Today’s lesson: as in life, you’ve gotta go through a lot of lipsticks before you find the right shade. But keep at it ‘cause somewhere in all the off colors and flaky formulas, there’s a Heat Wave. Go get yours!

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