Wednesday, January 29, 2014

lightning speed and seahawks

I’m a little cranky. A necklace I ordered from J.Crew arrived last night in two pieces. It’s so cold I’m wearing my coat inside. And I’m facing some frustrating blog obstacles (and general life hang-ups). Nothing too tragic, really, but enough to make my teeth grind. I can’t wait to release my rage on the treadmill later – and hope I can get there without causing any collateral damage. I always run in all black, but there’s something about bright colors that make you feel like you can go harder, better, faster, stronger, right? Well “increase speed” now ‘cause these high-energy pieces will make you feel like Lolo Jones. The most important? Streamlined running tights (don't give chafing a chance), supportive sneaks (my feet are so flat) and a gym-only bag (with separate pockets for damp socks and designer wallet). If you're still not motivated, at least turn on the TV so you can watch someone break a sweat. The Seahawks play the Broncos in Superbowl XLVIII Sunday. Based purely on jersey color, I'll be rooting for Seattle (but you got that from this outfit right?) and snacking on this dip, this hummus and these meatballs. Feeling better already.

pullover. // tights. // tank. // bra. // Camelbak. // hair ties. // shoes. // backpack.

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