Monday, January 6, 2014

polar vortex survival kit

We're in the throes of a polar vortex. So sci-fi. I park outside so I’m not certain my car would have started this morning, but luckily I never made it that far – stayin’ home and stayin’ alive. I have visions of getting stuck somewhere between Blue Mounds and Barneveld and that scenario is one I’d rather avoid. So here’s what’s happening today: my favorite sweater, slippers, the February InStyle, and tea tea tea. Let's break it down: this Banana Republic shawl collar wrap (similar here) is thee best. It hits at the perfect point on the hip (not so long it looks like you’re wearing a caftan, long enough for that indulgently cozy feel cropped cardis just don’t have), is fitted through the arms so you don’t feel sloppy, while the open front keeps it relaxed. It’s made from merino and cashmere – sOH soft. The slippers speak for themselves. Buy them. InStyle and ELLE are my favorite fashion mags, but I prefer the former when I’m in the mood to flip more, read less (ELLE has great, smart articles; InStyle is quicker and more visual). Lastly, I got really into tea last week when I was stranded (voluntarily) at my sister’s Chicago apartment. She went to work and left me with some cheese, a piece of pizza, a couple granola bars, and a jumbo Ziploc bag of tea in every variety. I didn’t want to finish off all her food, so I drank (and drank and drank) tea all day and am sufficiently addicted. Peppermint is my jam. And it’s about time to put some on. Don’t let the vortex get ya. 

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