Saturday, January 11, 2014

green machine

Happy to see you, Saturday! I felt a little off at work all last week, probably because things haven’t quite fallen into a post-holiday flow. I don’t feel great when I’m not productive, so I turned to my closet for a little DIY mood boost. It sounds superficial and silly, but how I dress really affects my day. Blow out your hair, put on designer duds and tell me you don’t feel a million Benjamins better than when you wear scrubs. Mmm-hmm. It took a little digging, but different shades of green make for a lively but understated ensemble that seriously energized my Wednesday work day – and a Naked juice didn’t hurt. Click through InStyle's tutorial if you're into the shamrock shade, or try a coral tee + red pants or goldenrod cords + canary sweater for the same tonal effect. While you’re polishing up your look, don’t forget Hollywood is doing the same – the Golden Globes air tomorrow night. I’m kicking myself for not pre-viewing more of the noms; The Wolf of Wall Street and Nebraska are still on my must-see list. Rest assured that won't stop me from picking favorites. I'd love to see Amy Poehler win and have been a Girls fan from the start, but my fingers are really crossed for Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul – and not just for the satisfaction of hearing Paul’s sexy-scratchy voice when he thanks the HFPA. Who do you hope gets a Globe?

earrings // bracelet // cocoon coat // boyfriend sweater // toothpick jeans (old -- similar) // ankle boots

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